Wire – Pink Flag (1977)

“Though born of the punk moment, ethos and conviction, the debut of Wire on Pink Flag—conceived, executed and produced as a full work, rather than conforming to the era’s focus on DIY sound or singles simply strung together—has as much to do with punk as cheese does with giraffes. From its fast-and-furious, stripped-to-the-bone approach to its fleetingly short, often fragmented songcraft (21 tracks in less than 36 minutes); from its intentional dissonance without eschewing melody or big production values to its precision-driven stops and starts and the detached, acerbic wit of its abstractionist lyrics, Pink Flag sounded like nothing else of its time, in its time and—dare we say—in this time, 40 years later. ‘It was deliberate, we were deliberate—even though we hadn’t done this before,’ says guitarist/vocalist Colin Newman of Pink Flag’s sonic assault and modern primitivism. The album happened so quickly after the quartet’s formation that you can’t help but guess that such haste added to the persistent aggression—an artful minimalism with no display of, or interest in, rock ’n’ roll. The sense of urgency and experimentation that informed Wire’s 1977 debut would also figure into the band’s evolution. …”
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Wire – Mannequin / Feeling Called Love / 12XU (1977)

“…. There is confusion about the release date here. Kevin Eden writes: ‘Harvest (EMI’s subsidiary label) were keen to see its quick release and the album was on the streets by the end of November with Mannequin released as a single a few weeks earlier. Feeling Called Love and 12XU appeared on the b-side.‘ The album was finished in mid to late October, so I suppose the single could have been released around the first Tubes-show, which was in Newcastle on the 6th of November, but the album certainly wasn’t out then. The booklet The New Singles #699 states that it was released on the 11th – which is a Friday, so we’ll go with that. Note that Punk Diary: 1970-1979 says November 12, which is a Saturday. Hm. The first 10,000 came in picture sleeves, the rest in generic Harvest sleeves. …”
Steve Hoffman
YouTube: Mannequin, Feeling Called Love, 12XU