Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device / Wasted Life (1978)

“In 1978, when Stiff Little Fingers released their debut single Suspect Device, they were audibly pissed off. Pissed off was the default setting for most UK punk bands at that time, but Stiff Little Fingers’ mood was better justified than most of their contemporaries, since they were formed in Belfast at the height of the TroublesSuspect Device confronts the violence, politics and impact of the conflict on those, like the band, who grew up with it. It’s a blistering, breath-taking, cathartic performance with frontman Jake Burns barking out his scathing, defiant lyrics like a furious dog to a backdrop of thrashing, buzz saw guitars. Suspect Device rails against the politicians and paramilitaries violently pushing their own agendas while the people of Northern Ireland suffer the consequences. …”
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