Trash and Vaudeville

“Trash and Vaudeville is a store located at 96 East 7th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue in East Village in Manhattan, New York. The store is associated with the clothing styles of punk rock and various other counter culture movements, and has been a leading source of fashion inspiration since its inception by owner  and founder Ray Goodman in 1975. Ray Goodman founded Trash & Vaudeville in 1975 at 4 Saint Marks Place, New York, NY. The store occupied two floors within the historic Hamilton-Holly House building on St. Mark’s Place from 1975 to February 2016. The basement formerly housed a pinball parlor directly below the upstairs, which was accessed by an iron staircase. Although physically separated as two stores, they were regarded as one entity. …”
NY Times: Trash and Vaudeville, a Punk Emporium, Leaves Its East Village Home
The Way It Was: One Last Look at Trash & Vaudeville on St. Mark’s Place
NY Times: The Shop That Punk Built


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