Gang Of Four – Entertainment! (1979)

“Debut albums are a tricky business. After a good ten years or so of dreaming about entering a recording studio a young group gets flung into the bear pit and expected to produce the goods. Most of the time, what emerges is a half-realised idea of their own ambitions yet sometimes the added pressure pushes the group to undreamt of heights. Released thirty years ago Gang Of Four’s ‘Entertainment!’ is one such album. Blending punk with funk, visceral rock with modern European philosophy the record turned established templates inside out. Lighting up the increasingly moribund post-punk scene the album has enjoyed a curious form of second life. More and more groups have emerged who are clearly influenced by Gang Of Four’s contention that rock music is made with your brain and not your cock. …”
Gang Of Four Track By Track
W – Entertainment!
YouTube: Ether, Damaged Goods, At Home He’s a Tourist, I Found That Essence Rare, Natural’s Not in It, Anthrax, Outside The Trains Don’t Run On Time


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