Its a Condition – Romeo Void (1981)

“Walloping big-beat riffs with snaky sax and darkly intelligent lyrics characterized this San Francisco area dance/think combo. Native American artist-and-poet-turned- vocalist Debora Iyall uses her smoky, conversational voice to wax reflective on love and lust in these modern times; consistent with the band’s name, she sings not only of situations where love is absent, but also of when it should be absent. Its a Condition introduced Romeo Void’s unique blend of jazz, funk, rock and confrontational poetry in its formative stages, the music a bit tentative and unfocused, especially in contrast with Iyall’s hard-edged lyrics. …”
Trouser Press
W – Its a Condition
Genius (Audio)
YouTube: Never Say Never (Live)
YouTube: It’s A Condition (High Quality Needledrop)38:36


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