Mutant Disco: A Subtle Discolation Of The Norm

“In 1981, an underground New York label known for their influential roster of disco and no wave artists released a seminal compilation of some of their best singles. With this release, ZE Records both solidified the definition of the leftfield disco movement and gave the genre a name that stuck. The intention was to showcase the edgier, more avant-garde side of New York disco through the LP’s six songs. With the 2003 CD re-issue, Ze Records has expanded upon it into a stunning two-CD set containing a total of 25 tracks and followed it up with 2 more editions covering many out of print and rare tracks from its back catalog. Mutant Disco in many ways helped usher in the original Dance Punk scene which later followed and was very different from the no wave scene that was darker, far less danceable, and far more avante-garde. Many recent anthologies, such as Strut’s Disco Not Disco series and Soul Jazz’s New York Noise have attempted to document the scene, but Ze Records truly represented and helped best name NYC’s alternative disco scene. …”
Holland Tunnel Dive
Making Plans For Time Machines.
Discogs (Video)


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