People Who Died – Jim Carroll (1980)

“It’s not easy to come up with a second act when your first act was being Jim Carroll. He was the author of ‘The Basketball Diaries,’ a cult-classic memoir of his drug-fueled misadventures as a teenager in the 1960s; he then became a celebrated downtown poet; and then, the star of his own hit rock band. Mr. Carroll had lived a panoramic New York youth that his fans had turned into legend. But by the time he died of a heart attack this Sept. 11 at 60, Mr. Carroll, who had once hung out with the Rolling Stones and Allen Ginsberg, no longer bore much resemblance to the downtown cover-boy with the chiseled cheekbones and flowing red hair. His once-powerful athlete’s body had been weakened by pneumonia and hepatitis C, said Rosemary Carroll, his former wife, who had remained a close friend. At times, circulation problems in his legs prevented him from leaving his apartment. His trademark hair was flecked with gray, and often tucked under a wool beanie. His cheekbones were hidden behind a white beard that plunged to the collar of his T-shirts. …”
NY Times: Jim Carroll’s Long Way Home
Genius (Audio)
W – Jim Carroll
“People Who Died” – by The Jim Carroll Band – February 16th 80’s Quest Song/Band of the Day (Video)
The Basketball Diaries by Jim Caroll – The Paris Review 1988
YouTube: Lou Reed – People Who Died w/ Jim Carroll – 9/25/1984 – Capitol Theatre, People Who Died


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