Volume One: The International Discography of the New Wave (1980)

“The cover states ‘A complete guide to: new wave/punk records, small labels, distributors, record stores, fanzines, radio stations, clubs.’ I picked up my copy of Volume at This Ain’t The Rosedale Library here in Toronto back in 1981. It was the first punk discography that I was aware of, and I snapped it up. I had only seen a few fanzines, and was amazed to find hundreds in Volume’s pages. The countless bands, and record releases for each was astounding, and certainly caused me to expand my horizons whenever I ventured into records stores. If you didn’t know how big the punk scene had become on the world stage, Volume certainly set you straight. It was an effort to give you a snapshot of what was out there, what to look for, who to contact, and where to go. A reference and resource for and about the new music of the age, and those that enjoyed it, and participated in it. Volume tried to cover the then burgeoning change in music. Spotty in places, and sometimes off the mark, it nevertheless gave readers a fantastic glimpse of what was going on, and how to go about getting involved. … – Mike Vainio”


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