Gang Of Four – To Hell With Poverty / Capital (It Fails Us Now (1981)

“I had a bad brush with Gang Of Four back in 1981. I’d only read about the group and when I discovered that WPRK-FM [Rollins College] had made the leap from prog rock to New Wave when I had not been looking in 1981, I enjoyed listening to music on the radio without ads that was exactly like the music I was spending my lunch money on. Sure, the 100 watt signal was tough to receive, but that was just a detail. It was during that time period that I finally heard this band that I’d only read about for the last year. The song I heard was ‘Anthrax’ and I have to admit that I was less than enraptured by the numb delivery of the song. Given that I’d hear them described as a funk band, I felt that perhaps that description was far off of the mark. …”
Post-Punk Monk
Genius (Audio)
YouTube: To Hell With Poverty (TV Live), Capital (It Fails Us Now


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