My Aim Is True – Elvis Costello (1977)

“Once upon a time, being a bitter, frustrated male musician didn’t mean being a jerkass. Perpetually wronged and rarely laid men were capable of being intelligent about their bitterness, focusing their anger not on the whole of womankind, but on particular women (usually flirts and teases) and attacking these women with a potent blend of wit and bile. Rather than self-aggrandizement, self-deprecation reigned supreme. More importantly, subtlety won out over blatant self-pity or obnoxiousness. Yeah, these gentlemen were angry, but they were smart enough to know what they were angry at– and geeky enough to include themselves in that category. At the helm of this trend towards new-wave geekdom was Stiff Records, a small label operating out of England with a roster including Ian Dury, Nick Lowe, and the mighty Elvis Costello. With his 1977 debut, My Aim Is True, Costello exploded onto the punk/new-wave scene like a mutant hybrid of Buddy Holly and Johnny Rotten. …”
Graded on a Curve: Elvis Costello, My Aim Is True
W – My Aim Is True
Discogs (Video)
YouTube: Watching The Detectives (Live), Red Shoes (Live TOTP 1977), Mystery Dance
YouTube: My Aim Is True 13 videos


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