Grauzone – Die Sunrise Tapes (1981)

“When I first met Marco Repetto, I barely had a clue about his past. It was in May 1994, as I was getting ready to move into his old flat in the centre of Bern. I knew that Repetto was a renowned techno producer, something underlined by the presence of a Roland Jupiter 6 in one of the rooms. However, it took me years to realize that Repetto was once the drummer of Grauzone: the band responsible for ‘Eisbär,’ one of the biggest Swiss pop epiphanies of the ’80s. Somewhere between Neue Deutsche Welle and Cure-inspired new wave, Grauzone had pressed angry lyrics, à la mode muted guitar playing and quirky synthesizer experiments into a dazzling conglomerate of not quite dance music. What Liaisons Dangereuses masterminded in Berlin with ‘Los Niños Del Parque,’ Grauzone did in Bern with ‘Eisbär.’ …”
Red Bull Music Academy Daily – Interview: Marco Repetto on Grauzone’s “Eisbär” and Beyond (Video)
W – Grauzone
MixCloud: Die Sunrise Tapes by Grauzone
YouTube: EISBAER (remastered) – official video
YouTube: Die Sunrise Tapes (Full Album) 54:35


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