Return of the Giant Slits – The Slits (1981)

Return of the Giant Slits is a slippery, glorious mess that will infuriate anyone expecting the Slits to revisit their debut. The nervous energy that powered Cut is seemingly replaced with a relaxed smoked-out vibe that belies the group putting their Jamaican influences– as well as their interest in other world musics– front and center. At times, this might make the record sound like aimless noodling, the band just biding time on the label’s dime while someone behind the mixing board packs a new bowl. However, while this tact has little in common with the pogo grind essayed by their more traditional punk rock contemporaries, they’re right in line with the off-the-wall antics of their more open-minded countrymen, like This Heat and especially the Pop Group. For Return, it’s not a case of less energy, but repurposed energy. The inclusion of Pop Group drummer Bruce Smith in the group has a lot to do with the album’s success. He provides a deceptively primal backbeat that meshes perfectly with the odd angles the group explores. On ‘Earthbeat, he pounds out a simple tribal beat, a fine backdrop for the song’s two-note bass motif and Ari’s environmentally-conscious warbling. …”
W – Return of the Giant Slits
Genius (Audio)
Discogs (Video)
YouTube: Earthbeat (Official Video)
YouTube: Return of the Giant Slits 16 videos


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