The B-52’s – Rock Lobster / 52 Girls (1978)

“They say that if you give a monkey infinite time with a typewriter, eventually it would produce the complete works of Shakespeare. The same could never happen with ‘Rock Lobster.’ The confluence of influences is too unique to ever occur again in nature. Who would think to blend a Carrollian poem about crustaceans with atonal caterwauling, piercing Farfisa organ stabs, vintage Jersey Shore suntan lotion slogans, and a seriously raunchy riff played on a four-stringed guitar? Such a singular pop concoction could have only emerged out of the beehived heads of the B-52s. First released in April 1978, the song heralded the group’s arrival on the national scene, taking over radios like an alternate universe Beach Blanket Bingo theme tune beamed to Earth from the Planet Kitsch. It also established the Georgia quintet’s reputation as a beloved groovy-a-go-go party band without parallel, kicking off a stream of hits, albums and concerts that continues to this day. …”
People (Video)
W – “Rock Lobster”
Genius (Audio)
YouTube: Rock Lobster (Live), Rock Lobster / 52 Girls – 1978


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