Wild Things – The Creatures EP (1981)

Wild Things is the first release by British duo the Creatures (singer Siouxsie Sioux and drummer Budgie). It was issued on 25 September 1981 by Polydor Records as two 7″ single records in a ‘double-album’ style card cover, and is usually referred to as an EP. It peaked in the UK Singles Chart at No. 24, and the pair performed “Mad Eyed Screamer” on Top of the Pops. … The initial idea for Wild Things, and the Creatures, came about during the recording sessions for the Siouxsie and the Banshees album Juju. While bassist Steven Severin and guitarist John McGeoch took a break, Siouxsie and drummer Budgie created the song ‘But Not Them.’ Deciding that it was complete as a drum-and-voice piece, they left it alone, and quickly recorded four more minimal tracks to accompany it. The result was the Wild Things EP (so named by Severin, who upon hearing it, said it sounded like something the creatures in the book Where the Wild Things Are would have danced to on their island). The only cover version on the EP was the Troggs‘ ‘Wild Thing‘; Siouxsie added extra angry lyrics to the original ‘Wild thing, I think I hate you/but I wanna know for sure/so come on, hit me hard/I hate you’. ‘So Unreal’ drew inspiration from the novel The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin, and ‘Mad Eyed Screamer’ from local characters met in Hyde Park, London. The duo incorporated the songs ‘But Not Them’, ‘So Unreal’ and ‘Thumb’ into Banshees concerts for many years afterwards. The erotic sleeve art featuring Siouxsie and Budgie half-naked under a shower was inspired by the pictures of Man Ray; the artwork caused some controversy. Another shoot, inspired by the John Millais painting Ophelia, featured the singer naked under many flowers and shallow water. …”
Genius (Audio)
Discogs (Video)
YouTube: Mad Eyed Screamer, So Unreal, Wild Things, But Not Them, Thumb


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