Extended Play – Cabaret Voltaire EP (1978)

“The Cabaret Voltaire, founded in Zurich in 1916 by the theatre works director Hugo Ball with a group of German artists, was the cradle of dadaism, breaking-out and innovative movement of traditional artistic logics. At the Cabaret took place exibitions of Russian and French art, ballets, poetry readings, performances of afro music. Provocative and disconcerting activities that often turned to authentic cultural ‘events’. Almost sixty years later, in Sheffield (England), three university students, very interested in punk, funk and electronics, dream of emulating on staff the Zurich dada pioneers’ experiments. They are Stephen Mallinder (bass/voice), Richard H. Kirk (guitar) and Christ Watson (tape manipulation). In 1973 the three guys form Cabaret Voltaire, a band that would leave a deep print on the whole evolution of forthcoming industrial music. … ‘Our project’ – tells Richard H. Kirk – ‘was born from boredom, from the lack of a future and from the need to create problems’. In their first performances, the trio comes with synths, rhythm generators, wind instruments, sounds registered and manipulated with tape-recorders. … The experiments with synthesizers (begun with Kraftwerk, Schulze and Neu!) combine with the dilated psychedelic music of first Pink Floyd and with exotic sounds, in particular from Asia. Representative in this sense are the single ‘Nag Nag Nag’, the ‘distorted’ cover of ‘Here She Comes Now’ by Velvet Underground and the EP Extended Play. …”
Cabaret Voltaire – The industrial dadaism
W – Extended Play (Cabaret Voltaire EP)
Discogs (Video)
YouTube: Extended Play (Full EP) 16:00


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