Mars – The Complete Studio Recordings NYC 1977-1978

“There’s a section in Marc Masters’ excellent No Wave book that lists the bellicose reactions to Mars from the late-’70s music press. New York Rocker’s Andy Schwartz rallies against the ‘total absence of any human feeling save a kind of neurotic violence,’ while an anonymous critic declares them ’empty and arty.’ But the vacuous barbarity of the Mars sound is exactly what made them tick. They were a band perfectly capturing the essence of downtown New York while living in the belly of a bankrupted city. This album collects all 11 studio recordings the band made during its two-year lifespan. Mars resolutely practiced a brand of nonmusic that was atonal, out of standard tune, and leaned heavily on unconventional song structure. For a band that started from a deliberately limited palate, it’s fascinating to hear how they slowly chipped away at their influences. The key to Mars was to devolve, not evolve. …”
W – Mars
YouTube: The Complete Studio Recordings NYC 1977-1978Z, Live At Irving Plaza, Live, Live At Artists Space, 78+


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