Bush Tetras – Too Many Creeps / You Can’t Be Funky (1980)

“… ‘From our English shores, the sound of Bush Tetras was both jarring and warming,’ says [Hugo] Burnham. ‘Jarring because, well, it just was. And warming to my ears because Pat’s guitar playing was not a million miles away from our own angry, sonically annoying, percussive, nasty-funk playing [Gang of Four guitarist] Andy Gill. Like minds—how exciting. And women, too. OK, that’s not such a big deal today, but right then it was a bonus, even though it should not have mattered.’ The early ‘80s were heady, adventurous times in the New York scene. Punk rock had kicked open a lot of doors and various strands of dissonant art-rock, reggae and funk had rushed in and found hungry audiences. Not large audiences, mind you, but that wasn’t necessarily the point. It was before MTV spread the smooth stylings of Duran Duran and Culture Club, before New Wave was marketed to Middle America, before a mainstream hit became the Holy Grail. The first edition of Bush Tetras only lasted until 1983. …”
WBUR – Bush Tetras: 3 Women Playing Punk-Funk, 1980. They Didn’t Catch On. Now They’re Back. (Video)
W – Bush Tetras
Genius (Audio)
YouTube: Too Many Creeps (Live), You Can’t Be Funky


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