Blondie – Rip Her to Shreds / In the Flesh / X Offender (1977)

‘Rip Her to Shreds’ is a song by American new wave band Blondie, which features on the band’s self-titled debut album. ‘Rip Her To Shreds’ was Blondie’s first UK single, released on Chrysalis Records in the UK in late 1977, though it did not chart. The single peaked at #81 in Australia in March 1978. The B-sides to this single were ‘In the Flesh‘ and ‘X Offender‘, both previously issued as A-side singles by Private Stock Records, and both moderately successful in certain territories. As a promotional gimmick the song was also released as a 12″ single (at that time a relative rarity), selling for 99p. In a BBC Radio documentary about Blondie, singer Debbie Harry said ‘Rip Her to Shreds’ is about what gossip columns do to people’s lives. …”
W – Rip Her to Shreds
W – In the Flesh
W – X Offender
Genius (Audio)
Discogs (Video)
YouTube: Rip Her to Shreds, X Offender, In the Flesh


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