Maximum Joy – Stretch / Silent Street & Silent Dub (1981)

Maximum Joy are a post-punk band from Bristol, England, formed in 1981 and reunited in 2015. Pitchfork compared their sound to ‘one of the Slits backed by the Gang of Four,’ while PopMatters said, ‘Musically, the group’s use of complex percussion, horns, danceable bass lines, and overtly English female vocals built a bridge between the worlds of Afrobeat, reggae, avant-garde jazz, funk and pop’.  Maximum Joy formed in 1981 by ex-Glaxo Babies member Tony Wrafter (saxophone, trumpet, flute) and Janine Rainforth (vocals, clarinet, violin). They recruited two other former Glaxo Babies members, Charlie Llewellin (drums) and Dan Catsis (bass), as well as ex-Pop Group member John Waddington (guitar). The band’s influences were later described by Wrafter as ‘jazz, reggae, funk and punk, soul, hip-hop (the Last Poets, Afrika Bambaataa and the Sugarhill Gang), dub and ambient. We weren’t constrained by any single style but felt free to take what we wanted from it’. …”
Genius (Audio)
YouTube: Stretch, Stretch [Disco/Rap Mix], Silent Street & Silent Dub

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