Young Marble Giants – Final Day (1980)

“‘Final Day’ is so brilliantly simple and slight, a pop song running just over a minute and a half with gentle guitar plucking, hardly audible keyboards, Alison Statton‘s wallflower vocals, and the constant wheeze of what sounds like a theremin, that you couldn’t be faulted for wondering why most twee pop bands in the Young Marble Giants‘ wake have ever bothered. The remaining three songs, ‘Radio Silents,’ ‘Cakewalking,’ and ‘Ode to Booker T.’ rate well with the remainder of the trio’s spry, spare output. One of the brightest moments in the Rough Trade label’s singles discography, the entirety of Final Day was eventually appended to the CD version of Colossal Youth issued in 1994 by the Belgian label Crepuscule.”
YouTube: Final day, Radio Silents, Cakewalking, Colossal Youth


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