Wire – Mannequin / Feeling Called Love / 12XU (1977)

“…. There is confusion about the release date here. Kevin Eden writes: ‘Harvest (EMI’s subsidiary label) were keen to see its quick release and the album was on the streets by the end of November with Mannequin released as a single a few weeks earlier. Feeling Called Love and 12XU appeared on the b-side.‘ The album was finished in mid to late October, so I suppose the single could have been released around the first Tubes-show, which was in Newcastle on the 6th of November, but the album certainly wasn’t out then. The booklet The New Singles #699 states that it was released on the 11th – which is a Friday, so we’ll go with that. Note that Punk Diary: 1970-1979 says November 12, which is a Saturday. Hm. The first 10,000 came in picture sleeves, the rest in generic Harvest sleeves. …”
Steve Hoffman
YouTube: Mannequin, Feeling Called Love, 12XU


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