La Peste – Better off Dead / Black (1978)

“A punk rock powerhouse trio with dark, shadowy subject material and high-velocity wail, La Peste took its name (translated as ‘The Plague’) from the book by Albert Camus. La Peste’s appearance on the Boston scene at the tail end of the 70’s was sudden and striking. Fronted by the tall, dark, and handsome Peter Dayton, the band blasted out of its rehearsal hall/apartment and quickly made a mark in the local circuit, winning a high-visibility 1978 Battle of the Bands at the Inman Square Men’s Bar in Cambridge, releasing a superb local single (‘Better off Dead’ b/w ‘Black’), and reaching the finals of WBCN’s ‘Rock and Roll Rumble’ the following summer. Having learned little more than the drone and drive necessary to play punk music, La Peste nevertheless learned how to do it better than any other band in Boston for a time.  …”
Can You Dig La Peste? Interview with Peter Dayton
Leave Me Alone: The angry glory of Boston punk rock heroes La Peste (Video)
vimeo: Better Off Dead (Live)
YouTube: “Better Off Dead” b/w “Black” 7″


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