You/ Domestic Departure / Kerb Crawler – Au Pairs (1979)

“Au Pairs was formed in Birmingham and was fronted by lesbian feminist Lesley Woods (vocals, guitar). Other member were: Paul Foad (guitar), Jane Munro (bass) ja Pete Hammond (drums). Band played brittle, dissonant, guitar-based rock that shared political and musical kinship with the Mekons and (especially) the Gang of Four. The music was danceable, imbued with an almost petulant irony, and for a while, very hip and well-liked by critics. Their lyrics were about celebrating sexuality from a woman’s perspective and they also took swipes at the conservative political climate sweeping England after Margaret Thatcher’s election as Prime Minister. …”
PUNKNET 77 – Au Pairs
Discogs (Video)
YouTube: You – Domestic Departure – Kerb Crawler


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